About us

The iQuantXchange cryptocurrency exchange is a new generation financial platform designed to solve several of the problems that the cryptocurrency market faces today:

Swap for IQX

IQX token is distributed by exchange for any ERC-20 digital asset. Unlike traditional ICOs, this method of distribution sets the goal not to attract investments, but to attract the widest possible crypto community.

Starting with SUB/IQX swap, we received feedback from our users and decided to go further. Now we are swapping any ERC-20 tokens for IQX. The only condition for the swap is that the token must be present on the CoinMarketCap website.

This stage will continue until we have distributed a significant amount of IQX tokens. Deadline: 1st September 2021.

Our Team

Bertold Hoffmann
Adam White
Chen Yang
Kong Lee
Senior Developer

Dong Liu
Software Engineer
Gui Wang
Software Engineer
Aksel Koch
Project Manager
Kim Li
PR Manager
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