About us

The iQuantXchange cryptocurrency exchange is a new generation financial platform designed to solve several of the problems that the cryptocurrency market faces today:


The first three stages of the project:



The first phase is the distribution of tokens by the swap at a predetermined rate for ERC-20 tokens of other projects, which list will be approved and updated during the swap process progresses until we thus distribute 100 million IQX tokens (10% of the total supply).



At this stage we will distribute about 400 million tokens at a price 1 IQX = $0.05.

We do not set a goal to necessarily distribute the planned number of tokens, or to reach any Hard Cap.


Stock Exchange

Cryptocurrency trading platform with low trading fees, where you can only trade with an IQX token on your balance.

All exchange income will be distributed among holders of the IQX token.

Our Team

Bertold Hoffmann
Adam White
Chen Yang
Kong Lee
Senior Developer

Dong Liu
Software Engineer
Gui Wang
Software Engineer
Aksel Koch
Project Manager
Kim Li
PR Manager
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